We present an opportunity to invest in our NFT collections.

4 Series of artistic work from epic captions of magical moments at our events. 


Art pieces backed by real land assets & immersive experiences. 

Find us in OPEN SEA 

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                                               Get a personal interview to access the community

                                               Start at $200usd x 3000 units.

                                               Golden Ticket to Blumenfest, 3 days festival once a year.

                                               Start at $1000usd x 1000 units.

WHITELIST CONFORT :                 Golden Ticket to Blumenfest, 3 days festival + 2 pax accommodation in site

Coming soon                             Start $5000usd x 100 units.

HEDOLAND COLLECTION:              Private property of a 665sqm plot in Hedonia.

Contact us                                 Start $55k x 145 units.

Blumenfest will be happening in Hedonia once a year to celebrate the earth day

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Carly Arnwine  4J6A4471-2 (5).jpg